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A prediction platform for ''King of sports" enthusiasts

Welcome to PrimeACE!

PrimeACE is a sportsmanship prediction protocol built on Binance Smart Chain. This app is perfect for you if you are a truly loyal fan of your favorite soccer team. Let's dive into this!
PrimeACE is integrated into Web3 utilities, and "Bet2Earn" and allows players to make money off of their picks for football games played in leagues all over the world, including the Premier League, La Liga, and the ongoing World Cup 2022. You can grow your passive income by betting on football games, this will depend on how precise your predictions are and how many tokens you bet.

Features on PrimeACE

Pre-match Betting

The sports betting realm still rates soccer as the King of all sports, and there are always interesting soccer tournaments available to let you enjoy thrilling online betting.

Mobile Betting

The fact that PrimeACE is accessible on mobile devices is another notable aspect. It implies that with just a smartphone, you may place bets at any time or place. Last but not least, users' experiences won't be impacted; you'll have them precisely as you would on a PC.

Coin Flip

After choosing a Head or Tail, there will be 2 circumstances:
  • Win: Players double the amount of $ACE they bet
  • Lost: Players lose all the amount of $ACE they bet
The result is completely random and can not be impacted by the team or any other third party

Ace Swap

Neat UI for quick tokens converting
Ace Swap's design is inspired by leading DEX
Easy Trading for both PCs and mobile devices
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